Solution-based counseling for individuals, couples and families
Peace Tree Counseling invites you to begin investing in yourself

Why psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to talk openly and confidentially about your life and the challenges you face.   It can give a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution.  While friends and family are essential supports, a psychotherapist offers a unique relationship whose focus is to work collaboratively with you to understand, explore, and focus on your well-being. 

What I provide...

I offer confidential, solution-based sessions and use a variety of approaches and tools to help meet your needs. You will help guide the process through reflection and working with what is present.  I travel to you.  People are typically more comfortable and productive when they are in a familiar setting. Options from past clients include: home/office/workplace, coffee shops/restaurants, libraries, going for a walk/hike (if weather cooperates), and even shooting hoops on the basketball court. As long as the location is safe and reasonably accessible, I can be flexible.  

How do you begin?

It is important that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who meets your criteria. Contact me for a FREE initial consultation. It gives you a chance to ask questions as well as provide you with a sense of who I am.  If I am not the best person to work with you, I will do my best to offer appropriate referrals to other professionals.

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